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Founder & President

Aubrey Smith is an enterprise innovation ninja, Lean Startup coach and passionate innovation acceleration strategist.  She was on the early team of GE’s FastWorks initiative and, as a consultant, helped launch a similar initiative at a major U.S. bank.  

While on GE’s Global Innovation Acceleration team, she worked directly with Eric Ries (The Lean Startup) and David Kidder (The Startup Playbook) to develop critical components of the Operating System (OS) and enterprise mindset shift of the company-wide transformation effort.  

She then joined Bionic, an innovation consulting firm, as Director of the Bionic Accelerator, where she led the Enterprise Accelerator for F100s.  She also led the Bionic Lab where she designed and implemented rapid low fidelity prototypes and experiments to test critical new business hypotheses with customers and marketplaces. Aubrey has coached and led teams in marketplaces spanning a vast array of industries – from aviation to consumer payments – in B2C, B2B, B2B2C and everything in between.

Aubrey is now founder and president of Sparked Advisory.  She is an innovation strategist, Lean Startup coach, speaker and partner to corporations and innovation consulting firms around the world. Aubrey is a member of the Teaching Faculty of the Lean Startup Company (http://leanstartup.co/).

During her free time, Aubrey can be found chasing her toddler twin boys and dog at her home in Bronxville, NY.  Aubrey has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business and a BA from Georgetown University.